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Carson's Corner


Useful information regarding Gen Z

August 21, 2018
By Jason Carson
Every year we begin the school year with specific meetings for specific purposes. We have a new family welcome, open house and many other events. One specifically, parent orientation, is aimed toward providing parents information that can help maximize our home and school partnership.
Our recent event, attended by many of our families, covered everything from this year’s theme (run the obtain the prize) to school start and dismissal times. However, the most important part (to me) was our discussion on the challenges of raising our current generation. Some sociologist are calling them Gen Z, some like i/Y as the preferred terminology. Either way, your kids and our students, face challenges that weren’t present in previous generations.
Below are the two slides I used. They contain valuable information for any parent of a Gen Z child (born after 2002) including resources, concepts and data I will refer back to as the year goes on.
Take a few minutes to read and watch the video of Dr. Tim Elmore.
Have a great first semester!