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The Life of Jeramya

October 04, 2019
By The Daily Talon
The Life of Jeramya 
By Emilie Williams
Jeramya and Emily Dather after a football game
If you haven’t met Jeramya Brock, you are missing out! This funny, athletic, gaming, friendly, super talented 17-year-old junior is definitely one of a kind! He has attended Conway Christian for the past four years. 
Jeramya is the son of Raymond and Kindra Brock. He has four sisters and two brothers. On any given night, you can find Jeramya on a field or court practicing or showing off his skills and love for sports!
His classes include Athletics (football), English, Bible, Geometry, American Nations, Chemistry, and art. One of his most favorite classes is Bible. According to Jeramya,  the best part about Bible class is, “to really dive deeper into a passage and really learn the true meaning.” Other school activities he is involved in are as follows: football, basketball, soccer, tennis, and drama. Besides his love of sports, he also enjoys playing 2K.
 In third grade, he started playing basketball and stated that he “wasn't very good at it.” As time went on with endless hours spent practicing to improve his game, it has paid off. He has earned a starting position for the past two years for the Eagles’ senior boys team.
After high school, Jeramya’s main goal is to go to college. He would like to be an entrepreneur or own a small business of some sort. When asked the question why, he stated that this “would be the best route for him to take.” 
If he had the opportunity, he would like to try to get into the NBA and travel overseas to play basketball. 

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Welcome to The Daily Talon

By: Marshall Cunningham

This year, the Conway Christian Upper School has started a new project: a school newspaper.

This new addition to the school’s lineup will be quite different from other clubs, organizations, and events. The newspaper is being run by Mrs. Anderson’s Journalism class. Blake Belcher, Emilie Williams, and Marshall Cunningham write the stories whilst Mrs. Anderson proofreads them for publication. Together, they form a majority of the work behind The Daily Talon.

The reasoning for this addition comes from a long desire and need for some sort of informative media. In the past, all students had was The Eagle Weekly, a weekly newsletter detailing a few small announcements and game schedules. Likewise, Mrs. Shelton created the Press Club a few years back in an effort to take the school’s most talented writers and get them making stories for the local paper, The Democrat-Gazette. However, as the years went on, fewer and fewer students found interest.

Now, however, the journalism class provides a perfect opportunity for this much-needed idea to grow and flourish. As of right now, all articles are being posted under a new section of the CCS website, aptly named The Daily Talon. Once a large selection of articles have been written, plans to create a paper copy should go into effect.

At its heart, The Daily Talon strives to unify the constantly shifting and overly hectic path that is student life. By bringing out events, highlighting students and teachers, and keeping the entire student population informed, the paper hopes to shape CCS for the better. The Weekly Talon staff have both talent and dedication, doing all they can to make this newspaper the best it can possibly be. Thus, as both a team and school, excellence is the only way forward.

On behalf of the entire Daily Talon team, we say thank you for reading and we hope that, no matter the day, you enjoy.