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Capital Campaign/Building Documents


Over the past two years Conway Christian’s Board of Trustees reviewed our current physical plant to ensure we have the necessary tools to fulfill our mission. As the process unfolded it became clear our school should make changes to better serve families and fulfill its mission of partnering with Christian families in a biblically directed, college preparatory education focused on equipping students to serve and impact the world for Jesus Christ.
Our case for improvement. We desire to have better academic demographic space to foster age appropriate learning by creating a campus with an elementary (PK-4th), middle (5th-8th) and high school (9th-12th) instead of our current model of a lower (PK-6th) and upper school (7th-12th). By constructing a new high school, it will allow our current upper school to become an intermediate school for 5th-8th grade students, freeing up space in the existing lower school for classroom growth and program enhancement. In addition, we need to address our weaknesses in the areas of arts and athletics. Our current facilities (modular buildings for art classrooms, gym for performances, makeshift weight room/locker rooms) don’t offer the type of space needed for our programs to continue their upward trajectory.