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Fall Break!

October 01, 2021
By Jason Carson
Thank you for a fantastic first nine weeks to start our 2021 school year! We have been tremendously blessed over the first quarter of our school year. Now it's time for a little relaxation. Whether you're vacationing, getting some much needed rest, or something else, may the Lord bless your Fall Break. 
Before we take the break, I want to update our Covid status, give you some exciting construction related items, communicate a new building timeline and share some exciting news regarding our current enrollment:
Covid. As we move into break we are in a great spot. Our numbers remain very low and we are still in the low level of our plan. If you have any Covid related issues over the break please email your principal and myself so we can be aware once we reconvene on October 11th.
Gym Floor. Our entire gym floor will be getting refinished with a "new look" to make the facility more modern and clean. This will be ready once we return. 
Baseball Field. Our Board of Trustees recently approved a plan to redo our baseball field infield and bullpens with an artificial turf that will make the playing surface virtually perfect for games/practice regardless of weather. This project will start in the next few weeks and be completed by the beginning of this coming season. The project is being funded by an anonymous donor at no cost to the school. We are very excited about this significant upgrade and so very thankful for the generosity of the donor.
Building Construction. We recently received an update on the timeline of our building project. Unfortunately, due to construction demands, delays in getting products, etc. we will not be able to finish the building by the start of next school year. Bummer. However, we have received assurance from our builders that the building will be completed and ready to use by January 2023. So, the second semester of next year will be our locked-in target date. Even though we are delayed by a few months, we are still excited and certainly blessed. I guess the old saying "good things come to those who wait" applies to us in this situation.
Enrollment. Momentum! We have seen an incredible interest in Conway Christian from families in our community. Today our enrollment sits at 533 students! This is a significant increase from last year and within 50 students of the school's all-time high in enrollment. We are convinced this growth is taking place because families want a Jesus-focused, college-preparatory education. They want the truth taught to their children by teachers/coaches/administrators who believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and are convinced that His truth doesn't change. They are hungry for authentic partnership in education!
Again. Thank you for a fine start to the year. Enjoy your break. Be safe. Make some memories and we'll see you back on campus soon!
In Him,
Jason Carson

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