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The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is an organization designed to support the faculty, staff, families, and students of Conway Christian School.  Support to the faculty and staff involves financial contribution to teacher training and education, classroom supplies, library expenses, and various events throughout the year. 

Support to families involves activities such as Dads and Donuts, Morning with Moms, and Grandparents Day. PTF also financially supports many student activities such as High School Graduation, Winter Formal, Community Helper Parade, Kindergarten Graduation, and Literacy week.  


The Conway Christian School Parent Teacher Fellowship, which is comprised of parent volunteers, a teacher representative and the lower school principal, brings educational programs, classroom enhancements and much more to our students and faculty. 

Volunteering & Donations
Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the school year; and sign ups will be posted on the website. 
Conway Christian PTF holds one annual fundraiser, however, donations can be accepted anytime and are tax-deductible. For information about business donations (monetary or services), please contact

If you have any questions about PTF or want to be involved, contact Amber Hester.


Where do your PTF dollars go?

  • School Improvements (playground equipment, gaga pit, choir risers, security locks, sensory tools for classrooms, etc)
  • Teacher Training
  • Teacher Classroom Supplies
  • Community Helper Parade
  • Dads & Donuts
  • Mornings with Moms
  • Grandparents Day
  • Elementary Spirit Day
  • Kindergarten Graduation
High School Graduation
Winter Formal
  • Library
  • Literacy Week
  • Literacy Program
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • ACSI Activity Fees
  • Educational Therapy
  • Sunshine Program (flowers and gifts for illness, injury, or loss in our Conway Christian family) 


We couldn't do this without your support!