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Current Available Positions

Conway Christian School in Conway, Arkansas, is seeking an Upper School Principal/Dean of Academics. This position will oversee students and faculty 7th-12th grade while providing academic oversight in regards to curriculum, professional development and student outcomes. This position is a vital part of the school’s leadership team. Start date, Summer 2019. For more information please contact Jason Carson, President of Conway Christian at 501-336-9067 or email at

Conway Christian School
Conway, AR
Job Description

Mission Statement and Primary Objective
Conway Christian’s mission is to partner with Christian families in a biblically-directed, college preparatory education focused on equipping students to serve and impact the world for Jesus Christ. Our primary objective is to educate students in the daily pursuit of excellence in academics, arts and athletics while preparing them with the necessary life skills pertaining to the mind, body and spirit.

Employee Position: Upper School Principal; Dean of Academics
Reports to:  President
Classification:  Salary, Exempt
Start Date: Summer 2019
Spiritually Conway Christian School employees must possess:
  1. A strong, clear Christian testimony of accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour,
  2. Acceptance without any reservation of the school’s Christian Community Statement,
  3. A mature, godly spirit willing to mentor and be mentored,
  4. A person of prayer and studying God’s word, and
  5. An active participant in a locally historical Christian church
Personally the employee must reflect:
  1. A lifestyle of biblical integrity and witness defined by the Christian Community Statement,
  2. A willingness to dedicate, commit, remain flexible and responsive to school leadership, and
  3. The ability to listen and respond to counsel from peers and authority
  1. Minimum of a master’s degree in education, with administration certification
  2. At least three years experience in academic leadership; i.e. assistant principal, principal
Duties and Responsibilities:
Lead in the spiritual development of your faculty, staff and students.
Oversee the school’s academic program including curriculum, teacher instruction/evaluation/professional development, and best practices in college preparatory education.
Serve on the school’s leadership and education teams (meeting weekly) offering input and challenging questions, as well as timely responses to any task in which you may be responsible.
Maintain a safe and productive classroom learning environment through proper student discipline and teacher oversight, following guidelines in the handbook.
Ensure your faculty is achieving school goals including mission, core values and other stated outcomes related to our college-preparatory educational model.
Assess student learning by analyzing student results on testing, both quarterly and on standardized tests. Make recommendations if needed. Maintain all student data (including discipline records and absences) for yearly review.
Communicate regularly with faculty, staff and parents regarding important items, calendar events and any concerns.
Contribute to the school’s overall success by identifying short and long term issues that must be addressed and recommend issues to leadership team or school President.
Other duties assigned by President.