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Biblical Worldview

A worldview is the lens of ideas and values through which we see, evaluate and behave in all areas of life.  Our beliefs about the nature of man, the possibilities of knowledge, ethics, politics, science, and history all flow from our worldview.  It is the foundation of our belief system and embodies our most basic presuppositions about God and His relationship to man and nature.

A well-developed Christian worldview will affect literature, current events, math, and science.  At Conway Christian, we want our students to view the world through a Biblical lens, to be equipped to engage the world with scriptural discernment, and to make positive, Christian contributions to our world.

Biblical integration is fundamental to our commitment to teaching from a distinctly Christian worldview.  By integrating the truth and context of Scripture into all subject areas from the earliest grades onward, students are trained to always consider how the idea at hand, whether it be history, literature or science, aligns – or fails to align -  with the Word of God.  Biblical integration goes beyond the addition of a Bible class to the curriculum.  It requires the examination of all subjects in light of Biblical truth.

As Christians, we have a greater purpose in education than simply gathering knowledge.  The more we learn in every subject, the more we understand about our God and His work.  At Conway Christian, our ultimate goal is training each student to think about the world the way God does.