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Tuition Information

The Conway Christian application process is designed to provide a thorough but personal experience. The process helps us get to know each applicant personally and gives each applicant a clear understanding of the educational opportunities and expectations of Conway Christian.

Dear Parents,

It is that time of year, time for re-enrollment for next school year. This year we are going to try something different as a convenience to you as our partners in Christian, college-preparatory education. It’s called automatic re-enrollment. Instead of having parents fill out a mountain of information to re-enroll, we’re going to streamline everyone and automatically enroll you for next year. There will be no paperwork to fill out at this time and your $250 re-enrollment fee will be automatically billed to your FACTS account to pay by February 28th to avoid a late fee. If for some reason you don’t know if you’ll be returning next year, please contact Melissa Hogue in the business office and make arrangements to notify the school at a later, agreed upon date. To recap, to reserve your spot for 2017-18, all you must do is pay your fee by the deadline of February 28th. We hope this is a convenience for you.

Over the past several months our school’s leadership has made several refinements to improve the school’s product. We hope you’re experiencing some of the difference. One additional change, on top of our new approach to re-enrollment, is to include academic fees in your tuition schedule. This includes all consumable workbooks, test materials, and technology fees. This change will decrease the number of payments you make to the school and spread these costs over the course of your selected payment plan. We feel this approach is best for most families, but if you need to make different arrangements please contact the business office and we will be happy to accommodate.

Next year’s tuition does include a slight adjustment, averaging approximately $22 more a month for full-time students. The reason for this change is to move us closer to an annual balanced operating budget (which was made a priority by our recent strategic plan) enabling us to increase faculty compensation, provide better teacher development opportunities and improve our overall product. We encourage you to see the school’s website for a complete tuition schedule which includes the rolled in fees and slight increase. Please understand, we are and always will be committed to a reasonable tuition rate but also business best practices. If you need to make a modified payment arrangement the business office will be glad to assist with your need.

Another commitment we’re making is to allocate additional resources to help families who need qualified financial assistance attend Conway Christian. If this is your family, please let us know so we can guide you through the process of receiving a tuition discount.

We are so thankful for your commitment to our mission of educating students in a college-preparatory, Christ first environment. May you have a fantastic start to 2017!

Serving Him,

Your Board of Trustees 

  • Annual Payments: This plan includes a discount, as reflected in the chart above.  Payment is due by August 5th.
  • Semi-Annual Payments: This plan consists of 2 equal payments each year and includes a discount, as reflected in the chart above.  Payments are due by August 5th and January 5th.
  • 10 Monthly Payments: This plan consists of 10 equal automated payments, August through May.  Payments may be made on the 1st or 15th of each month.
  • 12 Monthly Payments: This plan consists of 12 equal automated payments, June through May.  Payments may be made on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Conway Christian School requires all families to establish a FACTS Tuition Management account during the enrollment process, regardless of the payment plan selected.  After completion of the enrollment process, families can access their FACTS account via their Parentsweb login.  All family billing will be completed through the FACTS system:


If you are applying to Conway Christian School in Conway, South Carolina, please apply at