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Tuition Information

The Conway Christian application process is designed to provide a thorough but personal experience. The process helps us get to know each applicant personally and gives each applicant a clear understanding of the educational opportunities and expectations of Conway Christian.

Dear Parents,

The new year is well upon us and that means our second semester has started! We are so pleased to hear students are back safe from a fantastic holiday break.  We are also excited that ten new students joined the Conway Christian family on our first day back of 2019. The Board of Trustees is thankful for our new and current parents for partnering with us in Christian, college preparatory education. It is truly an honor. As our year verse from 1 Corinthians 9:24 points out, we look forward to “running the race to obtain the prize” together in 2019.

January begins our season of re-enrollment. We provide perpetual re-enrollment for all students, which means their spot is reserved annually by payment of the re-enrollment fee.  On January 17th the re-enrollment fee for your student(s) will be invoiced to your family FACTS account.  To secure your student’s spot for August 2019, the re-enrollment fee is due by February 28th, 2019.  If you need some flexibility in paying your fee, or if your family has other plans for next school year, please contact the business office at (501) 336-9067, ext. 111.

The tuition for 2019-2020 has increased by approximately $22 per month per student. The reason for this slight tuition increase is simply to meet the needs for teacher compensation and annual operating cost expenses. We encourage you to visit the school’s website for a complete tuition schedule. 

Please know that we are committed to providing financial assistance for families who qualify. If you, or a family you know, needs help affording Conway Christian, please notify the business office as our staff is eager to assist. Don’t let finances be the reason you or someone else can’t attend Conway Christian.

Also, just a reminder to look into how the new tax laws allow you to take advantage of tax deductions for private education when you use a 529 plan to pay tuition. We advise you to contact a tax specialist or accountant to get specific information.

If you have any questions regarding re-enrollment, tuition or financial assistance please contact a member of our admissions team.

Serving Him and partnering with You,

Conway Christian Board of Trustees

  • Annual Payments: This plan includes a discount, as reflected in the chart above.  Payment is due by August 5th.
  • Semi-Annual Payments: This plan consists of 2 equal payments each year and includes a discount, as reflected in the chart above.  Payments are due by August 5th and January 5th.
  • 10 Monthly Payments: This plan consists of 10 equal automated payments, August through May.  Payments may be made on the 1st or 15th of each month.
  • 12 Monthly Payments: This plan consists of 12 equal automated payments, June through May.  Payments may be made on the 1st or 15th of each month.

Conway Christian School requires all families to establish a FACTS Tuition Management account during the enrollment process, regardless of the payment plan selected.  After completion of the enrollment process, families can access their FACTS account via their Parentsweb login.  All family billing will be completed through the FACTS system:


If you are applying to Conway Christian School in Conway, South Carolina, please apply at