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Thank you for choosing to partner with Conway Christian during this unprecedented time. We are committed to working with you to keep your child safe while offering our five day a week, on campus college preparatory instruction from a biblical worldview. The following is Conway Christian’s current COVID-19 plan. It is subject to change at any time based on new information and best practices available to the school.


Health Guidelines:
Students who show any symptoms of being sick must stay home (fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, stomach issues, new loss of taste or smell). 
If a student has a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or more (whether during school hours or at home) the student must stay home and not return to school until they have a negative COVID-19 test, or a diagnosis from an MD that rules out COVID-19 and remain symptom-free (without medication) for 48 hours. Families should provide a doctor’s note to the school office when they receive any diagnosis. All COVID-19 test results must immediately be shared with the school administration.
* Some thermometers vary in temperature readings, please be cautious
If a student is diagnosed with COVID-19, the student must stay home for a two week period and be cleared by a doctor before returning to school. All in-home siblings must stay home for the same two week period. A doctor’s note will be required before all students can return to school. Students will receive AMI instruction while off campus.
If a student has any form of prolonged direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, he/she must stay home for a two week period while receiving AMI instruction. 
If a family member of a student has been in direct contact with a COVID-19 patient, the student is allowed to attend school with daily screening in place. The family member is expected to show caution and remain off campus for a two week period.
Visitors/parents will not be allowed inside school buildings unless it is an emergency situation, checking in/out a student or for official school business (meeting with teacher/principal). All pick up and drop off should take place outside in the carpool line unless you are a preschool parent. 
If a visitor/parent has to enter the building, a screening process will be administered which includes taking of temperature followed by COVID-19 related questions. Time should be limited to your official business then a required check-out at the front desk will complete your visit. Face coverings are required.
Please remember if a positive COVID-19 test happens to a student or faculty/staff member HIPAA laws prevent Conway Christian from identifying that person. The ADH will give us clear direction on who should be informed regarding risk of exposure and quarantine guidelines for individuals, classrooms, grades, etc. 

Student classrooms will be cleaned on a daily basis, multiple times per day, with CDC approved disinfectant supplied by the school. Students will not be asked to participate in any aspect of the cleaning process. Teachers and the janitorial staff will be responsible for cleaning each classroom during the school day while students are at activities, lunch, recess, passing periods or off campus.
Virus killing UV lighting is in the process of being installed to all classrooms and activity spaces. This technology is utilized in the school’s HVAC system and has no direct exposure to students or teachers. It is a highly effective countermeasure, recommended as a top priority when fighting COVID-19. 
Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in various locations around campus for use by students, faculty and staff. Students may bring a personal supply (4 oz. size) of hand sanitizer to keep on their person. Taking advantage of the stations or the personal supply will provide regular sanitizing opportunities for all students.  
Students, particularly younger students, will have regular hand washing times similar to previous years. We will encourage all students to frequently wash their hands during the school day. 
Teachers will be the only ones allowed to open doors, regular sanitization will take place on all door handles, entry/exit points, cafeterias and activity spaces. 

All family, faculty/staff members and students should use caution when away from school to decrease the risk of contact with COVID-19. Our ability to work as a team will be a key component to decreasing our exposure risk while on campus. During the school year avoid known hotspot areas after school hours and on weekends, wear a mask when social distancing is not possible and follow good hygiene practices. Students should use caution when congregating after school hours and on weekends due to risk of exposure and then coming back on campus. 
Student temperatures will be checked with a touchless electronic thermometer by school staff as students enter each building during morning drop-off. If a student reads higher than 100.4 their parents/guardian will be notified to come back and pick up the student while he/she waits in the nurse's office. This process will be in place for the month of August. It will be re-evaluated after the initial phase. 
Students will be assigned to classroom seats designed to meet social distancing guidelines. If six feet is not attainable, they will have as much personal space as possible. See specific grade level guidelines for more detailed information regarding social distancing procedures. 
School administration will require all teachers to utilize detailed classroom seating charts to assist the ADH with any potential social tracing that might take place upon a positive COVID-19 result. Students will be in assigned seats for the first part of the school year until we are able to review the policy and make any needed changes. 
Students will be required to bring their own water bottles (all grades). Each water fountain in the school has been transitioned to automatic bottle filling stations. 
Students should refrain from bringing items from home that are not necessary for school activities. Students should not share school-issued items with other students outside of their classroom. This includes balls, toys, electronics, etc. 
Students must use social distancing during passing periods, walking the hallways, etc. to mitigate close contact with other students whenever it’s possible to do so. See specific grade level guidelines for more detailed information.
Faculty, staff and any visitors will be required to wear face coverings while in common spaces such as hallways, lunchroom, etc. Faculty members will wear face coverings in the classroom if socially distancing is not attainable or at their discretion.

Conway Christian is committed to offering on-campus learning, five days a week, for the entirety of the school year with exceptions being determined by the school president. Our ability to transition to AMI is a click away for circumstances that warrant the strategy. The school will communicate when AMI times are available or not available, either specific to a student or across the board. 

If AMI is needed, the process has been refined to be more personalized. Specific to the Lower School: Teachers will be meeting with small groups of students (3-4) multiple times per week to teach lessons and answer questions. If one on one instruction is needed teachers will do their very best to accommodate. While we might still offer large group zoom meetings it will be for peer interaction and not be a focus of our plan. Instead, we are committed to offering the most individualized AMI possible to meet the needs of our students and to assist our parents.

When students are receiving AMI instruction they will not be allowed to take part in on campus activities, including athletic and art competitions.

Students will not be required to wear a face covering inside the classrooms, during activities, recess or lunch while socially distanced. However, we will ask all Kindergarten - 4th grade students to wear a face covering when not socially distanced in the classroom, during activities (not PE) or in the hallways. This will be determined by teachers in coordination with school administration. We recommend parents provide students with one face covering to keep at school and one to wear to and from campus.

Preschool and Extended Care: 
Preschool students will experience a regular school day with the assigned members of each class. Each class will be deemed a family unit and travel together throughout the day for activities, recess, lunch, etc. They will not closely interact with students in other classes during the day in order to follow social distancing guidelines. Students will not be expected to wear a face covering. 
We ask each parent to check their child's temperature daily before arriving at school to help mitigate the spread of illnesses. Student's temperatures will be rechecked upon signing in. 
All preschool students must do pick-up and drop-off through the preschool door located inside the fence of the lower school playground. Parents will sign students in and out at our designated station. Teacher aides will walk students to and from the designated sign-in area during these times with the one exception being the first day of school. We ask for all preschool students to arrive at school no later than 8:30.
Extended care students must use the same guidelines as our preschool students for entering the building. They should use the preschool hallway door located inside the lower school playground. All students should use social distancing while entering the building. 

Lower School:
Family Units: Classrooms will be referred to as “family units” for the sake of daily structure, prevention and any potential tracing that might be required. This means students will travel together to activities, recess and lunch without close interaction to others, staying with their family unit. Students will engage in activities, recess and lunch with those in their assigned class only. By keeping students in their family units we are more capable of preventing any possible spread of COVID-19 amongst fellow students, faculty and families and more adapt to assist with social tracing if needed. This approach might change as the year progresses and we feel more comfortable with student interactions across classrooms/grades.
Social Distancing: Classroom desks will be arranged to allow for as much personal space as possible while understanding complete social distancing is not feasible in a classroom. 
Face Coverings: Students will not be required to wear a face covering inside the lower school building, at activities, recess or lunch while socially distanced. However, we will require all Kindergarten through 6th grade students to wear a face covering when not socially distanced in the classroom, activities (not PE) or in the hallways. This will be determined by teachers in coordination with school administration. We recommend parents provide students with one face covering to keep at school and one to wear to and from campus.
Daily Screening: We ask each parent to check their child's temperature (especially younger students) daily before arriving at school to help mitigate the spread of all illnesses. Any student with a fever above 100.4 will not be allowed to attend school that day. See health guidelines for more information.
New Arrival Times: Drop off will begin at 7:45 each morning and continue until 8:15 for lower school students. No tardies will be issued until after 8:15. Parents will not have to sign in students who arrive tardy. Students will go directly to classrooms upon arrival. 
Morning Drop Off: School personnel will unload two cars at a time in designated unloading zones during morning drop-off. Students will be required to wear face coverings, get their temperature checked and then proceed straight to their assigned classrooms. Hallways will be monitored to ensure students follow these protocols. Parents are expected to stay in cars (unless you have a Pre-K student) and utilize the carpool line. Please prepare for longer drop off times especially at the beginning of the school year.
Afternoon Pick up: Students will be dismissed at 3:10 for the lower school. All students must be picked up using the carpool line. Students will not be allowed to check out early to avoid the line, enforced after 2:45. As students prepare for pick-up they will wear face coverings and sit with their assigned class socially distanced from other students. As they exit the building they will stand in designated areas identified by grade with face coverings in place. See 5th/6th grade section for pick-up information regarding 5th/6th riders with no siblings.
5th/6th Grade: All guidelines for lower school students will also be applicable for 5th/6th grade students in addition to the following:

Face Coverings: Students in 5th/6th grade will be required to wear face coverings when in close contact with one another. This includes the classroom while excluding lunch, recess, other physical activities, common areas and outdoor spaces where social distancing is attainable. 

Class Rotation: Students in 5th/6th grade will use their normal four class rotation (math, science, history and English). When transitioning from class to class students will wear face coverings while using lockers, then move to a designated area when other students exit the classrooms and teachers clean desks and other common spaces. This transition time will be coordinated by the principal and monitored closely by teachers and school personnel. 
Lunch: All 5th/6th grade students will begin the school year eating lunch in their homeroom classroom with the teacher. As the year progresses, and space in one of our cafeterias becomes available, we will reevaluate. 
Afternoon Pick-Up: 5th/6th grade riders, who don’t have siblings, may use the upper school side for afternoon pick-up while wearing face coverings and supervised by school personnel.  

Upper School: 

All classes have been modified to accommodate the fewest number of students to aid in social distancing while working at their desks. Passing periods will be adjusted to decrease the amount of traffic in the hallways. During passing periods students should go immediately to their next class.

Students (7th-12th) will be required to wear a face covering. This includes the classroom while excluding lunch, athletics and other times when social distancing is acceptable. 

All students will be required to use backpacks instead of lockers to prevent congregation. (some classes have e-books that can help decrease the carrying load for students).

If a student needs to use the bathroom we will ask for it to be done during class time to better control congregating in the bathrooms, unless it is an emergency. 

Drop off will begin at 7:30 until 7:45 each morning at the commons door. All students who arrive between 7:30-7:45 will remain in the commons, socially distanced, with a face covering on until dismissed at 7:45. Beginning at 7:45 drop off will only be allowed at the main entrance unless you are a car driver then you may enter through the commons. Students will be required to go straight to their assigned classrooms beginning at 7:45. The tardy bell will ring at 8:00 promptly. Students must wear face coverings when entering the building until inside their assigned class. Face coverings and social distancing will be monitored by faculty/staff on duty.

Pick up will begin at 3:25 for the upper school. Student drivers who do not have after school responsibilities must leave the building without lingering, face coverings on and immediately leave campus without loitering. Students who are waiting for a ride must wear a face covering and be outside, unless during inclement weather then students will wait indoors. Car drivers may be dismissed a couple minutes early if deemed necessary by principal.

Students will be required to bring their own water bottle. Automatic, touchless water bottle filling stations have been installed throughout the campus. No open cups of liquid will be allowed.

We will offer food service for our families catered by approved food vendors/restaurants. No food will be prepared on campus. Students will rotate from eating in classrooms and the lunchroom based on a daily schedule per grade. Students are encouraged to participate in our lunch program or bring their own lunch. However, parents may drop off lunch from a restaurant. Lunch drop off will be in the foyers of each building. Parents will be required to wear a mask, drop off the lunch with the name of the student already on the bag/container, then immediately exit the building. No entrance to the main buildings will be permitted while dropping off lunches.

The Arkansas Activities Association will determine all rules pertaining to 7th-12th grade athletics and activities. We will follow the guidelines set forth by the association throughout the year. Currently the AAA has communicated the following information effective July 1st. As for other activities (choir, band, drama, art) we will use the AAA’s guidance as a basis for formulating our own COVID-19 best practices as they, and others they associate with, are closely monitoring congregations of people at events. 
Regarding lower school basketball/football we don’t have any information to share at this time. 
As we begin the school year, all off campus field trips, community service, performances, etc. will not be permitted. This will be reevaluated as the year progresses.
All large group gatherings (chapels, assemblies) will be avoided to begin the school year. Chapels will be recorded and sent to students electronically via their homeroom teacher in the lower school and Biblical Worldview teachers in the upper school. This process will be re-evaluated after a few weeks of school.