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Annual Fund

Annual Fund gifts go towards a multitude of school improvements. Tuition dollars only cover teacher salaries, building maintenance and annually budgeted line items. For private schools to improve their overall educational quality, they must rely on tax-wise gifts. Your donations over the past several years have led us to our current organizational structure with a President/CEO leading our entire school, technology, and campus improvements. Thank you for the support!

As you consider giving again to Conway Christian, or for the first time, please know we will steward your financial gift with utmost care and use every penny to improve our academic, arts and athletic programs. Without your gift our school won’t be able to chase the dream of becoming one of the best Christian, collegiate schools in the region while focusing on a Jesus-centered worldview.

Thank you for considering a gift to Conway Christian!

For more questions regarding giving please contact Jason L. Carson at or 501-336-9067.