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Important Outreach Opportunity! Support our friends in Conway, South Carolina

September 28, 2018
By Eagle Weekly
This past week our friends in Conway, SC have endured the worst flooding in the city’s history as a result from Hurricane Florence. Homes have been ruined, lives have been changed forever and recovery is going to be a challenge. 
One of our high school seniors, Jacob Bowman, came up with the idea for our city to help their city. After a meeting with our city leaders (the mayor, chamber of commerce, other schools and the local hospitals) a cause was formed. It’s called Conway Helping Conway. It’s the opportunity for all of us in Conway, AR to donate and help those in need in Conway, SC. There are two ways you can participate. 
First, go to the Facebook page Conway Helping Conway and make a donation to the Go Fund Me page that has been created. Second, we are asking our students to participate in a coin drive next week. The money raised on the Go Fund Me page will go directly to a civic organization in Conway, SC. The coins donated will go to Conway Christian School in South Carolina. 
Yes, this town is just like us! They have a sister Christian school, a Conway Regional hospital, a local Conway Chamber of Commerce and so on! So, don’t wait! Go donate to the cause and gather your change for next week’s coin drive.
Coin collections:
Monday - Pennies
Tuesday - Nickels
Wednesday - Dimes
Thursday - Quarters
Friday - Dollars
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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